What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support for people with a permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. It gives peace of mind to anyone with a disability or those affected by someone who has a disability.

In the last 12 months, 100,000 new participants enrolled in the NDIS scheme. This now brings the total to around 400,000 Australians signed up to the NDIS, although nationwide 4.4 million Australians are living with a disability.

The NDIS provides choice and greater control over the services that Participants receive. 

Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA Funding is for housing for NDIS participants with very complex support and housing needs who require specialist housing solutions. Currently, people with disability experience long waiting lists for accessible and affordable housing.

SDA is about the bricks and mortar housing and is separate to funding for support services. Over the coming several years it is expected that the NDIS will fund up to 50,000 Australians with a disability to access Specialist Disability Housing funding.

NDIS-SDA Housing

In a bid to attract private investment into the market, the federal government has created the SDA program which provides opportunities for residential property investors. With the potential for 20% or higher gross investment yields, and with positive social and ethical objectives at its core, investing in SDA property is well worth investigating.

The next generation of NDIS funded SDA housing has growth in apartment options and a decline of large group homes. Housing can include apartments /villas /duplexes /townhouses /houses, notable for not looking like specialist housing.

Social Impact Investing

Ever wanted to do more than just invest in real estate to make money? Have you been trying to find a way to give back to your community, while making a living doing what you love?

Find out how you can create a Social Impact Investment Property that can also be a great positive cash flow investment property.

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Our NDIS-SDA Property Investment Services

Being a niche market of the property sector which many professionals are unfamiliar with, our aim is to help all interested parties navigate through the varied aspects of NDIS Property, whether they are an investor, builder, NDIS provider or NDIS Participant in need of suitable accommodation.


If you are a Property Investor, or looking to start your portfolio, we can help you negotiate the complexities of this little-understood market.  We offer unparalleled market knowledge and resources, offering the investor – YOU – a comprehensive array of services.


All dwellings are built in accordance with the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) guidelines and meet the Livable Housing Australia (LHA) Platinum, Gold or Silver Standard as a minimum. They are tailored to meet required levels of accessibility and support.


Our role is to provide you with a choice of investment options based on properties that are being developed and built specifically to be SDA compliant, to help you achieve between 8% & 14% returns.

Want to find out whether NDIS Property is the right investment for you?

The NDIS is attractive to investors who want a long term, steady income, while receiving market-beating yields.
NDIS properties are being built in high demand areas where clients are already investing.
Investors should expect an average 10-15% pa net return just to be conservative, as it depends on many factors.
Prices start from around $500K, and can range up to $900K, as a ball park figure. It all depends on land prices in the area selected, and the inclusions required for the different category of participants living within the SDA home.

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