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Who We Are

BUILD NEW HOMES AUSTRALIA is a property agency that is technology driven to create a greater experience for you than what you’ve been accustomed to. Using technology to expand our presence across Australia, we deliver a digital platform for businesses and consumers to better access new property for sale across the country. The partners we work with are private bankers, accountants, finance brokers, real estate agents, financial advisors, builders, developers, land developers, valuers, and everyone else in between. In addition, our clients range from first home buyers to sophisticated investors who want to add something with that extra ‘sex appeal’ to their property portfolio.

Our staff are experienced Build Consultants and BDMs who focus on the things that only people can do, like selecting the right property in the right location with the right design, to get the best ‘bang for your buck’ whether its for home owners or investors.

By combining property & technology as the core part of our business, every client has transparency to our ‘extensive’ portal that gives you a link to brand new property for sale around Australia, courtesy of the network of hundreds of builders and developers we have access to. If its not in available in our portal, let us know and we may be able to assist.

Why we are different

Firstly, the core foundation of our business model … IS NOT DRIVEN BY PROFIT MARGIN, ONLY BUT SERVICE! This is the biggest difference between us and our peers. Our focus is ensuring our flagship brand and bespoke property concierge service delivers on our promise to all of our clients.

Secondly, you have the benefit of having not just access to expert consultants who have worked “with” or “for” builders over the past 20 years, but also a team of people who have built hundreds of houses for investors and home owners. This should provide you with confidence in having quality assurance from the start. We know what we are talking about, and thus avoiding mistakes.

Thirdly, we provide you access to some of Australia’s most awarded builders and developers. Sometimes, its not just the biggest builder, but often the small builders who can deliver a fast and flexible solutions. Every client is different, and likewise every builder and developer.

Certainty is given to you from our team of consultants who work with the builders in the construction of your clients’ properties from start to finish and facilitating all the professionals in between. This hands on approach (of getting our boots dirty) is not undertaken by many of our peers, whom only sit behind a computer (“sorry boys, had to throw that one in!”) LOL

Fourthly, unlike most companies who just want to ‘product push’ their stock list, we care about the property options that are being put forward to you, and we strive to work towards outcomes that are in your best interests.

Lastly, our company motto is “do what’s best for the clients in every way possible”. If you don’t believe us, just come in and eyeball us. We will tell you our “point of difference” that we cannot publish online 🙂


We kick the dirt on the ground with our boots! That means we walk the sites and inspect where the construction will occur, and we ensure quality control ‘before’ the deal is proposed. Don’t listen to a guy selling behind a computer. Talk to the blokes who walk the walk, not talk the talk.

Given how busy our lives are these days, and particularly the strange world we live in for 2020 where borders are shut, lock downs are being imposed ‘on & off’, and the social distancing requirements we must adhere to, is it surprising that most people just do not have the time to DIY research property correctly? We are your boots on the ground when it comes to stock due diligence in SE QLD, and our sales team will assist everyone where needed. Property is easy to buy, but hard to buy right if one is working on pricing + design + quality for the property build.

Additionally, because of our experience in transacting on hundreds of homes built over the past 20 years, we are able to work with the right people in delivering what is best for you. Mistakes can only be avoided from experience, and experience is what we have plenty of.

BUILD NEW HOMES AUSTRALIA operates a different business model to its peers – we filter what is out there from builders to developers to aggregators and even the so called ‘middle guys’. Our only focus is to deliver the outcome needed for you. This might give us the title of ‘Buyers Advocates’, or ‘Property Investment Advisors’, or even the term ‘Build Consultants’. Either way, we strive to deliver the best outcome for you, no matter what we are called.

Our clients leverage from our contacts, relationships, and know-how from within the building industry, and thus we are able to get the best possible pricing and quality product for your investment.

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